In Mid-May 2013, we received a phone call from Broken Sounds, one of the biggest Country (and tennis) clubs in Boca Raton. We were asked to bring the Foundation’s Florida-based tennis team for a tryout. They wanted to determine who among our players would become part of the club.

In December 2010, when our tennis players first arrived in the United States to participate at the Orange Bowl International Junior Tennis Championship, Mr Dean Hall, a tennis coach at Broken Sounds, had invited the team for an exhibition. At that time, there were many observers who took note of their talent and wanted to leanr about where these kids came from. After the exhibition, we went back home but those who were watching had appreciated the performance. More than two years later, one of them decided to sponsor a member of the team, contacted coach Dean Hall enquiring about whether all members of the team already had sponsors and finally made the phone call.

For the team’ s second exhibition at Broken Sounds, Pierre Brumaire and Cliff François, respectively the team’s number one and number two, caught the sponsor’s eyes. However as Pierre already has his own sponsor at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, he couldn’t abandon his club for the new program. That left Cliff who has since started training intensively and professionally at one of Florida’s biggest club.

We want to thank Mr Jack  Klein, the owner of JK Film Studios in Boca Raton, for his generous support of our efforts to change lives in Plaisance du Sud through tennis. During a one on one with our President, he reaffirmed his pleasure to help Cliff and his desire to help the whole team – as we still have many needs.

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