How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Writing a persuasive speech is a common writing test given to students in high schools, colleges and universities. The primary role of persuasive speech is to convince people to accept the opinions of a writer on a particular topic. The topic of a persuasive speech is mostly a controversial topic in a society and the written work should provide a solution or convince people to act in a particular direction to solve the problem. The speech should be written in a clear manner and void of argumentative flow. This can be achieved if a writer has the right tips for writing the speech. As with any essay writing process, having an outline, or a mental image of how the layout of the paper should be, is important.

The first step is preparation to write the speech. In the preparation the writer comes up with a controversial topic; topics that can spark or has sparked a heated debate among people. The writer is then to do a proper research on the topic by analyzing its pros and cons. The research materials can be books, journal papers, and opinion-based sources. From the sources a writer can design the goal he/she wants to achieve with the speech, for example, the writer can think of encouraging women to take a technical professional in countries where such things are not allowed. This will help in producing a flawless speech.
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The second step is analyzing the audience. This will help the writer understand the perspective of the audience regarding the topic under contention. Also, through analyzing the audience the writer can get to understand the obstacles the audience is having in addressing the issue under discussion. The writer can then draft a solution and include it in the speech. The solution must be presented in a convincing manner to prevent chances of an eruption of new debates. If persuasive speech essay is too unclear for you, you always can forward you writing task to a website like EssayBasics.

Perhaps something to note when writing a persuasive essay is that one needs to acknowledge other sides of an argument. One needs to ensure that he or she doesn’t appear confrontational in the tone of the paper. This can be done by simply ensuring that one focuses on the point being addressed, while slightly acknowledging any dissenting point. When putting the evidence however, one needs to avoid the use of very complex information, such as abstract statistics that might be tough to understand.

In concluding the speech, the writer can put more emphasis on the solution to ensure people are fully convinced. The conclusion needs to have a summary of the points highlighted in the paper. Restating the thesis is mandatory in this part, as one is winding up. Before submitting the paper, proofreading the paper is important. The importance of proofreading is that it enables the writer to correct the minor mistakes that cannot be easily discovered in the process of writing. It is advisable that one goes through the paper, sentence, by sentence manually, rather than just skimming through it or using a software. Going through the paper manually ensures that every detail of the paper is incorporated.

In general writing, a persuasive speech is challenging to most people. Writers do not come up with well written persuasive speech because they do not have the tips of writing such speeches. Through this article, learners can now write clear persuasive speeches.