The Anviwònman se Zafè Nou tout (AZN) program is based on a simple truth: we are all in this together. No one person can save the environment but if we all get together we can salvage what is left of our planet. The AZN program is thus focused on getting each and everyone to accomplish that small gesture that can ultimately make the difference if we all do it together.

As is customary with all our programs – there is a series of AZN-themed PSAs running at every hour on Radio Oxygène. They address:

  • water scarcity – Haiti is part of the 40% of the global population in hydric stress
  • plastic recycling
  • air recycling
  • cleanliness
  • unlawful tree cutting
  • etc.

All the AZN-PSAs are now part of the community’s lore and every child in Plaisance can recite them at a moment notice – which is specially useful when they use them to remind their parents, their teachers and every adult members of the community, to change their behavior, become better eco-citizens, and to every day in their, life fè yon bèl jès.

They have inspired us to do a March to Keep Plaisance Green where during two weeks, we have visited the communities closest to the Foundation. During this March, some intrepid adventurers almost got us worried when they decided to climb a sand mine in Galès.