In 2004, on the 200th anniversary of Haiti’s independence, we gave ourselves a goal: universal schooling for all children in Plaisance du Sud by 2014. We partnered with 10 primary schools and gave them a subsidy. We built three more schools and eventually brought the number of our schools to four and lobbied the local government for stricter applications of the law to ensure every child would get the chance to go to school. Five years later, in 2009, we could declare victory, five years in advance of our fixed term.

It was certainly fortunate that, three years into our program, the European Union decided to fund the Haitian Government’s effort towards universal schooling. These new developments made our work that much easier by subsidizing more schools than we could ever have. It didn’t hurt neither that the local government understood and worked relentlessly with the Foundation to achieve our goal.

However, getting all the children into schools is but one part of our ultimate goal, which is better education for all. The Plaisance Avenir program is running a pilot that we hope to extend to the entire community. Plaisance being an impoverished community, we have to provide everything, from food to uniforms to school furniture. We cannot keep doing it without your help so give generously and thank you for helping us help them.