Formerly “Aider Plaisance” (Help Plaisance), the EKV – Ede Kominote nou Vanse program is a program whose primary mission is to encourage and establish self-reliance in the community’s development process. It started in 2002, while we were lobbying for Plaisance du Sud to become a commune. A voluntary taxation, it was a fund contributed to by the members of the community to help mitigate the lack of basic services in the absence of local government.

Everyone in the community – babies included – were invited to pledge – or pledge for their children – at least 5 gourdes (about $0.1) a month to help Plaisance. Every Friday, a two-hour show on Radio Oxygène would name the contributions received and ask for help totaling the amount as well as what should problem should be addressed at the end of the month. Of the many projects realized by the Foundation using the Help Plaisance Fund the Gauthier Bridge remains the biggest and, unanimously, the most useful. Financed at 30% by the community and built with the help of students in the area, it changed the lives of many who no longer needed to stop their regular activites – going to school, going to the market, visiting friends … – every time it rained.

After Plaisance du Sud became a commune on October 30th 2003, the program continued for two more years until it stopped after the first local elections. It has since become a campaign on Radio Oxygène, with a radio show, “Pa Bò Lakay” (At Home) dedicated to it. Pa Bò Lakay is on on Monday (jobs, economy and training), Wednesday (politics and participation) and Friday (social entrepreneurship).

We have however been contacted by members of the community to go back to the “Help Plaisance” model. We are trying to find people just like you who could match the community’s donation. Give generously please. Thank you.