The Santé + program is arguably our most direct tribute to Doktè Lik’s work in the community. The program offers affordable, and quite often, free healthcare to the people in the community. It is generally handled by the Centre de Santé Léopold Luc Guillaume (formerly Dispensaire de la Vallée de Plaisance when it was founded by Doktè Lik in 1957).

The CSLG is Plaisance du Sud’s only health center for a population of over 26,000. Rebuilt in March 2001, it has a small but competent staff composed of two doctors, two nurses, four health workers, a laboratory technician and a pharmacist. Since 2001, the CSLG maintained partnerships in public health with, notably, the Ministry of Public Health, PSI Haiti, Care Haiti and Doctors Without Borders to provide quality health services to the community.

Occasionally special clinics are also held with specialists (ENT, cardiology, orthopedics …), usually in the context of international missions, where drugs are provided free of charge to all patients. Besides these clinics, the Foundation strives to keep drug prices as affordable as possible when they are not simply given free of charge to the patient.

A network of community health volunteers contribute to the extension of initiatives by the Foundation and its partners. The network is actively involved in educating the community by encouraging patients to visit a health center and assisting them with their treatment, specifically their compliance with the instructions provided by their doctors.