For those who love a challenge. Plaisance du Sud is at over 5 hours from the International Airport in Port-au-Prince, has roads that regularly puts to shame the roughest they show you on TV, doesn’t have electricity (we do at the Foundation but it is through a generator), doesn’t have warm beaches nor any other luxury but its luxuriant nature and welcoming people. Fundraising for Plaisance is thus a real challenge as it doesn’t offer much in terms of visibility. You can help us enhance that visibility by talking around you, engaging people and encouraging them to contribute. Should you decide to go further and hold a fundraiser, feel free to drop us a line. We will soon be posting resources that you can use to start your own fundraiser and find help along the way.

For those who want to be personally involved. The Foundation welcomes volunteers from all over the world. There is always something that we will need your help for. Since 2001, we have welcomed volunteers from North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean. They spoke Creole, English, French, German, Spanish … and even Esperanto, but they still managed to be a great help while having a great time. We offer internships in education, sports, communication and management. We also welcome help from retired professionals, builders, motivators, artists and other generally good and motivated people. If you think spending some time at the foundation, is the right thing for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help your stay with us be the best it can be.


The Guillaume Foundation contributes to all aspects of  the community’s life. Its presence is well-established in every point of the territory, with headquarters in Gauthier. The Foundation maintains constant contact with the participatory instances (12 local councils, 4 youth councils and 1 urban council)  that form the Economic and Social Development Council the Foundation helped created, with the local government’s support, at the Etats Généraux de la Démocracie Participative Locale On October 28th, 29th and 30, 2005. To fulfill its mission,  the Foundation uses its private funds and funding from punctual partners. It has been chaired by  Mr Jocelyn Guillaume, its founder, since January 2001. In January 2004, Ms Patricia Camilien officially assumed its overall coordination. That same year, the Foundation refocused its activities on long-term projects and programs through a few somewhat autonomous divisions. Today, the Léopold Luc Guillaume Foundation has, to its credit, 6 divisions and 12 long-term programs and projects in all sections of Plaisance du Sud. This evolution is a testimony to its leaders commitment to its mission as well as the support our work has garnered in a community we’ve always encouraged to become an actor of its own development.

At the Guillaume Foundation we believe that real development is local-led and can only be successful by:

  • actively involving community members in all planning and decision-makings affecting their life,
  • giving every individual a say in the decisions affecting their community,
  • promoting a sense of belonging and the conviction of the need for sacrifices for the common good.

The Guillaume Foundation has the following objectives:

  • Support local authorities in their development projects
  • Turn Plaisance du Sud into a model of participatory local development
  • Foster the emergence of a new generation of responsible citizens and qualified development actors

Integrated Local Development is central to our approach to sustainable and responsible development. While we began with public events – like the Doktè Lik Soccer Championship and Flag Day – and donations to individuals, we have since moved steadily to long-term actions. Projects funded by the Foundation now have to demonstrate serious potential to contribute to the community’s actual development. With this new approach we hope to provide Plaisance du Sud with the tools (institutions, resources, staff) it needs to be able to cope with and make the changes necessary for its development.

We support the local government in two major ways:

  • structural and institutional support, including with the establishment and implementation of the Framework for Sustainable Development as well as other development strategies;
  • grant writing and fundraising, from the construction of a municipal complex to road development, to environmental protection to local urbanization.
Self-sufficiency forms with participation and solidarity the three values ​​of our local integrated development platform. It is at the heart of all our activities and reflects the importance we attach to the participation of the community in our different endeavours, not as passive recipients but as full partners.
Citizenship. The Foundation strives to implement a culture of knowledge sharing that should lead to free governance (in the sense of free software). It is a culture that rejects the pyramid model of hierarchy in favor of a diversely horizontal one, an heterarchy of sort, built on the transparency of decision-making sources and processes and offers real participation opportunities for each and every citizen; which is akin, in some ways, to what others have called “wikipolitics”.
“Wikipolitics” militates in favor of a system that allows all citizens to comment on and influence policy decisions. We argue for a cognitive participatory democracy where it is actually possible for every individual to contribute to the future of his community. This system can already be seen in the emergence of the economic model Stiegler calls the “economy of contribution “. We add to that a “politics of contribution” in which it is the elected official who serves the people and not the other way around. This way, we can have the best of both worlds. A knowledge society where the latter does not serve private interests but general interest.

Fondation Léopold Luc Guillaume. Helping the Plaisance du Sud community since 2001.