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On September 2011, the Foundation’s main primary school* (out of 4) became the lieu of our leadershi program “Plaisance Avenir“. Each year, 25 children aged 5 are competitively recruited to become part of the new Plaisance Avenir class. They receive, free of charge, a world-class education thanks to a creative and challengin curriculum that is further supplemented and supported by 1) research at the Léopold Luc Guillaume Library (launched on September 2004), 2) scientific experimentation in laboratories, 4) computer lessons at the LIEN (launched on October 2004) and 4) field trips. Workshops are held with Haitan and international academics and students. The school year ends with a science fair during which the students demonstrate scientific principles they have learned during the year. To learn more about the school, visit the ELLG’s Facebook page.

*The Foundation’s primary schools are a prolongement of the first one launched on 1987 by Doktè Lik himself. The former “Ecole Bon Berger” has since been rebuilt into the Ecole Léopold Luc Guillaume with three other primary schools, one in every one Plaisance’s three districts. Furthermore, the Foundation sponsors 10 other primary schools through its Ecole Pour Tous program, bringing the total of children thus reached each year to 2000.