The Founder and President of the Léopold Luc Guillaume is the backbone of the community, devoting his time and money to what has become his life goal: making Plaisance du Sud the best it can be. He divides himself equally between his family (in the United States) and the community, alternating his months between the two.

Jocelyn grew up seeing his father defending the less fortunate. After the death of his father, Jocelyn didn’t want his good works to stop there. He decided to create a Foundation in his father’s name, inviting Patricia on board. Together, they have worked to continue and expand Doktè Lik’s work in the community, making his many dreams for Plaisance du Sud becoming a reality and going beyond to do what he could not and/or didn’t have the time to do. When asked about his motivations for his work with the community, Jocelyn invariably answers: “my Dad would have been proud of what we’ve accomplished”.